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Electronic Branch Application

Effective today, 11/7/16, we have implemented an electronic branch application. With this update, we are proud to announce that our broker approval process is now completely paperless.

The Branch Application is accessible in the same place as the Broker Application: Furthermore, the Branch Application follows the same procedure as the Broker Application. 

First the Branch will fill out the interest form on the website (found by clicking on the Branch Application link or clicking here). Upon completing the form the broker or branch manager will receive an email with a link the Branch Application. Once completed, the application will be submitted to our Broker Approval department for review. Upon approval by the Broker Approval department, a Docusign will be sent to the Authorized Signer. Upon signature and countersignature the application is complete.

The cutoff for submitting a paper Branch Application to us is 11/15/16. If you have questions or need assistance with the form, please contact your Account Executive.