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Updates to the Broker Portal

The following changes have been released to the broker portal:

  • Brokers can now re-register a loan until they request lender-prepared loan estimate or they submit the loan with a broker issued loan estimate. Learn More.

  • To price VA loans, brokers need to mark VA eligible under Applicant Info. Learn More.

  • Broker can resolve tasks directly under the tasks without following the blue hyperlink. Learn More.

  • Brokers can now resolve multiple tasks at once. Learn More.

  • Brokers can now generate the last issued approval certificate, suspense certification and lock confirmation from their pipeline. Learn More.

  • Brokers now have access to view and download JMAC created documents in the JMAC View Only. Examples include disclosure documents, loan approvals, lock confirmations, suspense notices, funding conditions notices as well as other important documentation. Learn More.

  • Brokers can now resolve the Funding Task to request funding condition review on uploads. Learn More.

  • Broker can now check the status of loan, disclosures and lock by generating a status certificate. Learn More.

For any questions regarding the above changes, please contact your Account Executive or our Client Support team by calling 949-390-2671 or emailing