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FHA Case Number Bulletin

For brokers looking to obtain a NEW FHA case number for a loan registered with us:

  1. Upload the completed FHA Case Number Request form (include a link to the form) & signed 1003

  2. Resolve the task “Submit: FHA Case File Request”

  3. The case number will be issued within 1-2 business days, or JMAC staff will reach out if there are any issues

For Case Number transfers:

  1. Email with case number, and new Lender ID

  2. JMAC staff will confirm if the loan is canceled, denied or withdrawn

  3. Case will be transferred, and a confirmation email will be sent

*If the loan with JMAC lending is in an active status, we will require a signed letter from the borrower indicating their intent to transfer their loan to a new lender.