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AMC Update - DVS acquired by ProTeck

Beginning Feb. 11, the Mercury appraisal Portal will display the AMC name as "ProTeck/DVS" instead of "DVS".

Neither appraisal fees nor turn times will be changing at this time. All existing appraisal orders with DVS will be unaffected by this change. 

Below we have include more information about ProTeck:

Appraisal Company Name

Pro Teck Valuation Services

Brief Info

Pro Teck Valuation Services is a national provider of Appraisal Management and residential real estate valuation services. For more than forty years, Pro Teck has worked with lenders, loan servicers and investors to improve risk management through superior    real estate collateral information. With a sharp focus on speed, accuracy and customer service, Pro Teck delivers a comprehensive suite of valuation products including appraisals, desktop appraisals, BPOs, desktop reviews, AVMs, data/analytics and hybrid solutions.


307 Waverley Oaks Rd Suite 305 Waltham, MA  02452

Hours of Operation

M-F 7am EST to 6pm PST and Saturday 8am EST – 5pm EST

Contact Number

Main Line: 781-314-1680 X: 774, Morgan Ardito Contact: 916-805-5357

Company Website

Appraisal States

Full national coverage

Turn Time

5-7 business days