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Preparing for Renewals

TPO Companies and individuals that hold a state license are required to renew their licenses within NMLS. The renewal period in NMLS begins November 1 and ends December 31 of each year. During this time, companies are able to complete annual attestation that their record is up-to-date, pay their NMLS processing fee, and submit and pay for any renewal requests required by their state regulators. Some states may have different deadlines for renewing a license. Review this NMLS Checklist to review what each state requires.

Visit the Annual Renewal Information page in NMLS to review all the different tools and resources provided to easily complete your renewals for 2020.

Failure to meet the deadlines and complete a timely renewal may result in a terminated license or a delay in funding your loan.

State regulators may permit a “grace period” for NMLS licensees who submit their renewal prior to December 31 but who have not yet been approved for originating through 2019. Those regulated by the regulators in white boxes can continue to originate if their renewal applications were submitted prior to the state renewal deadline.

JMAC Lending will require proof of the renewal request for anyone who does not appear as “Approved through 2020” in before submitting or consummating any transactions, if permitted under a grace period. If the license is not “Approved through 2020” and the regulator is in a colored box in the table below, they cannot submit or consummate loans until the license is “Approved through 2020.”

You can view the JMAC Lending NMLS License Renewals chart by clicking here.