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CD & Doc Order Process

On April 1st, JMAC Lending released an online CD & Doc Order Form which replaced the PDF Doc Order Form and CD task. Once a loan has an underwriting approval, a completed appraisal, and is locked, the processor will be emailed a pre-populated CD & Doc Order Form link. After completing the form, the CD will be requested and will not require any task resolutions or doc type uploads within the TPO Portal.

For more information regarding this process, please reach out to your Account Manager or Account Executive.

Online Forms

On March 4th, JMAC released online forms instead of pdf documents and tasks for the FHA Case Number, Change of Circumstance (COC) , and Float Down Requests. These resources will be located in the same place as the previous pdfs in the Help Center. Additionally, you will no longer need to resolve or upload any corresponding tasks or doc types.

For more information regarding this process, please reach out to your Account Manager or Account Executive.


To assist with pricing Non-QM loans, Doc Types within the Quick Pricer and Full Pricer have been updated to align with the most current programs being offered.

Updated Doc Types include the following:

  • Full Document

  • 12-Month Personal Bank Statements

  • 24-Month Personal Bank Statements

  • 12-Month Business Bank Statements

  • 24-Month Business Bank Statements

  • Other Bank Statements

  • 1 Year Tax Returns

  • VOE

  • Asset Utilization

  • Debt Service Coverage (DSCR)

  • No Income

See it for yourself. Try it out on the Broker Portal.

Introducing the JMAC Help Center

All JMAC resources are now found under our new Help Center.

JMAC is excited to introduce our all-new Help Center for Brokers and Correspondents. Here you will find all of JMAC's forms, instructions, resources and documents in one comprehensive site.

  • Search Engine to find forms and resources

  • Support for Wholesale & Correspondent

  • Information & Guides

  • Search for whatever you need

Have a look: JMAC Help Center

Update to Closing Package Upload Page

The closing package upload service on our website may now be used to upload all loan types, including California refinances. To ensure the upload goes smoothly, all closing packages must be complete and in high-resolution. Additionally, please make sure all required fields are completed. We expect the physical package to be received within 2 business days of the electronic file. Lastly, original packages for dry states are required prior to funding.

Please consult with your Account Executive if you have questions.

Enhancing the JMAC Experience

JMAC Lending has unveiled a new look for the Loan Portal and eSign platform. AUS Recommendations are now earlier than ever, the process for requesting CoCs is fast and simple. Welcome to a more streamlined loan process.

New Look with Branded Colors

The JMAC Loan Portal includes a cleaner layout with the JMAC brand colors that is easier to read and navigate.

Signing Platform Upgrade

Easier for borrowers and mobile friendly, the new Signing Platform runs on the Docutech Solex Platform. Breeze through disclosures faster and easier than ever.

Seamless Desktop Underwriter

Run our Automated Underwriting System (AUS) at no cost using JMAC's DU credentials. Associate a credit report with the DU and you will no longer need to release DO findings to JMAC.

New Change of Circumstance (CoC) Process

More streamlined and transparent, the new one-window CoC request allows you to get loan changes and re-disclosures to the borrower with greater speed, keeping on track with Rate Locks. In addition, you can now check the status of your CoC.

For more information, including informative videos on the changes, please visit