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FHA Loan Products

Fast, affordable FHA loans for purchase or refinance. JMAC provides a dedicated underwriting team, and manual underwriting is available.  

Click here for full FHA and FHA Streamline Underwriting and Guidelines



•  Low 3.5% down payment
•  Up to 85% cash out
•  FICOs from 580
•  Flexible credit + underwriting guidelines
•  Gift funds permissible for 100% of required investment and closing costs
•  Manual underwriting/AUS Refer


FHA Streamline


•  FICOs from 580
•  Flexible credit  + underwriting guidelines
•  Mortgage only credit report accepted
•  May not need to document funds to close
•  Variable loan terms down to 240 can help meet NTB test
•  No appraisal requirement
•  No income verification