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JMAC offers outstanding jumbo products suited for your needs.  Find out more about these lending options below.  

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• Aggressive pricing
• 90% LTV up to $1.5 Million on Purchase transactions with no MI
• Interest-Only for Owner-Occupied transactions up to 75% LTV
• Up to 4-Unit properties  on Owner-Occupied transactions
• 1 Unit only for Second Home and Investment transactions
• Eligible to US Citizens, Permanent and Non-Permanent Residents
• Loan amount needs to be $1 higher than the high-balance limit
• Gifts fund allowed on owner-occupied transactions after 5% from own funds


Laguna is a premium jumbo product with aggressive pricing on purchase loans.


•  Aggressive pricing on purchases
•  Rate reduction of .250 for ACH payment (any bank)
•  80% LTV/CLTV up to $2M min. 700 FICO
•  70% LTV/CLTV up to $3M min. 720 FICO
•  100% of the down payment from gift funds
•  H1B, H1C and L-1 VISAs accepted
•  Investment property to $2M
•  Only one appraisal required up to $3M loan amount


Ideal for Millennials with no mortgage or rental history.  In addition, Manhattan loans offer aggressive pricing on refinances.

•  Loans to $2.5M
•  Delayed financing allowed up to 50% with a $1M loan amount
•  Rental income allowed on departing property
•  Up to 8 financed properties allowed (max. 15 owned non-comm. properties)
•  100% reserve can be from retirement funds
•  First time home buyer: no mortgage or rental history required