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At JMAC Lending, we've been helping our clients build business and achieve success for the past 20 years.  Offering ease of onboarding, direct access to lending experts and a comprehensive lineup of the industry's most innovative products and technology, we provide our clients with the Perfect Lending Platform.

JMAC Lending formed in 1997 and has funded more than $14 billion in mortgage loans. JMAC is an approved agency Seller/Servicer for Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Ginnie Mae products.




I have nothing but good things to say about you guys. I truly appreciate all your help, with every single transaction. From disclosing team to funding team, without any of you guys I would not be able to do my job and service our borrowers the way we do. This to me means a lot, to have a top notch team that can help me service and provide our borrowers with a mortgage that best fits their needs.
— B. Lopez, Broker