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on New Newport Purchase Jumbos

Take advantage of our Newport Jumbo Loan Purchase Price Improvement. New locks only made from 3/5/18 to 6/29/18.

Have a look at the features of our Newport Jumbo Purchase:

  • 40-year fixed term with Interest-Only

  • Up to 95% LTV with no MI

  • Interest-Only with 680+ FICO

  • 95% cash out up to $1.5M

  • 7/1 and 10/1 ARM

  • 10/1 ARM Interest-Only

  • DTI allowed up to 50%

  • Non-occupant co-borrowers

  • 2-years seasoning for short sales and bankruptcy

  • 3-years seasoning for foreclosures

  • As low as 600 FICO

  • $100K to $3M

What kind of borrowers are suitable for the Newport Jumbo Program?

All kinds of borrowers are suitable for our Newport Jumbo, but you may find the most success with hard-to-qualify borrowers:

  • Borrowers that do not have a 20% down payment

  • Borrowers who need help from family members to qualify to meet debt ratio

  • High-asset borrowers needing exceptions on credit score, LTV, or DTI

  • Self-employed borrowers

  • Borrowers with credit events, but have excellent credit history since the event

  • Real estate investors with multiple properties that do not fit agency guidelines

  • Real estate investors who need to a jumbo loan up to $2.5M

  • Real estate investors who want the lowest down payment and lowest monthly payment (i.e. up to 85% LTV on the 40-year IO payment)

  • Borrowers who need to pull maximum cash in hand up to 90% of the value of the property for home improvement, savings, etc.

  • Non-warrantable condos

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