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Our most popular – and flexible – Non-QM product.

•  40-year fixed-term with interest-only
•  $100k to $3M
•  Up to 95% LTV with no MI
•  Non-occupant co-borrowers and gift funds allowed
•  Interest-only with 600+ FICO
•  Cash back up to $3 million
•  Cash back 95% LTV up to $1.5 million
•  3-years seasoning (short sales & bankruptcy); 3-years seasoning (foreclosures)
•  As low as 600 FICO


DU Based  – Reduced Documentation Requirements

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  • $100K to $3M

  • Income, assets and reserve based on DU findings

  • Transferred appraisals accepted

  • Max 45% DTI

  • Housing history: 0x30x12

  • 40-Year Interest-Only options available

  • A+ Grade Pricing

  • Business funds and foreign assets allowed

  • Gift funds allowed (min. 5% of the borrower's own funds) regardless of LTV.


Perfect for self-employed borrowers, and those with a foreclosure with three-years seasoning, or a short-sale, bankruptcy or loan modification with two-years seasoning.

•  Interest-only options
•  Foreclosure/BK/short-sale/loan modification with one-year seasoning up to 50% LTV
•  Foreign Nationals allowed
•  Gift funds permitted for investment\Foreign Nationals
•  Non-warrantable condos
•  Asset depletion allowed
•  Unlimited cash out subject to maximum loan value
•  Debt to income ratio up to 50%, subject to residual income
•  Self employed bank statement qualification - 12 months


A flexible, non-QM lending option that can help your hard-to-qualify clients get approved with 12- or 24-months bank statements or 12- or 24-months full documents.

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•  No seasoning requirement on settled derogatory credit such as deed-in-lieu, bankruptcy and short sales
•  Minimum of 2-months reserve on subject and 2-months reserve on each additional up to 12 months
•  Cash in hand may be used to meet reserve requirements (restrictions apply)
•  5/1 & 7/1 ARM, 15- & 30-year fixed, with 30- and 40-year interest-only
•  Max DTI up to 55% (Restrictions apply)
•  1x120x12 mortgage late payments allowed on Grade C
•  Non-occupant co-borrower allowed
•  Loan amounts $75K to $5M
•  Up to 20 financed properties (max 10 acres)

Sunset INVESTOR solutions (DSCR)

Grow your wealth, with no income or reserve required.

•  Loans to $5 million
•  30-year, 15-year, 5/1 ARM and 7/1 ARM with interest only
•  Foreign Nationals – No ITIN or SSN required
•  VOD allowed
•  1 to 4 units
•  Unlimited Cash-In Hand subject to Max LTV
•  Unlimited properties financed or not
•  Negative cash-flow allowed for loan amount >=$150k
•  No income/No 4506T
•  No ratio/No reserve