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Nothing warms our hearts more than the love we get from our clients. We constantly strive to provide the highest level of service to our clients. Here are some of the feedback we've received.

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"Ridiculously efficient is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Mike. Our NY based mortgage company, Jumbo Loan Experts has had an ongoing relationship with Mike (Garland) & JMAC Lending for a number of years, and every interaction with Mike has been a positive and pleasant experience for all at our firm.

Specifically, I appreciate Mike's quick turnaround, extensive product knowledge and attention to detail which has helped us close our loans with JMAC on time and on budget over the years.

Mike is also a wonderful family man, and it's very nice to connect with him on a human level as a father. Mike would be a true asset to any mortgage broker/banker who is looking to streamline & grow their business and this comes with my heartfelt recommendation for your success – pick up the phone and call him, you will be glad you did."

Pranav Sahai - Jumbo Loan Experts
New York, NY
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"I just wanted to send an e-mail letting you know how much we enjoy working with JMAC. The rates are super competitive and our loans are closed very quickly. The service and turn around times are great as well and our rep is super helpful and efficient. Thank you for providing such great service and products to us, we appreciate you!"

Caroline Gallagher-Craig | Park Place Real Estate Co.
Laguna Hills, CA
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"You guys are fantastic, JMAC’s rates are exceptional, and the interface is user friendly and secure. This was easily one of the fastest and best closing experience we have had. Communication is everything and the JMAC team is exceptional in communication and transparency. I would and will recommend you guys to anyone looking for a good lender."

Monica Pacho - USA Direct Mortgage Inc.
Tustin, CA
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"As always, you know all I have is nothing but good things to say about you guys. I TRULY APPRECIATE ALL OF YOUR HELP, with every single transaction. From disclosing team to funding team without any of you guys I would not be able to do my job, to service our borrowers the way we do. This to me means a lot, to have a TOP NOTCH team that can help me service and provide our borrowers with a mortgage that best fits their needs."

Berenice Lopez - Korb Capital Inc.
Hawthorne, CA
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"Instead of just conditioning me for paperwork to understand my file, she (Virginia Ho) took the time to call me and go over the items she needed more explanation on. She made suggestions to help me and as a result I have an approved loan. I really appreciate an underwriter that cares about the loan and makes an effort to  approve instead of suspending or declining a file until she gets supporting docs."

Carol Foster - Mortgage 831
Scotts Valley, CA
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"Bonnie King is the best! Answers her phone and is very pleasant! She is extremely knowledgeable about the system
and is very patient to explain everything! I very much enjoyed working with Bonnie and will continue to send loans to
JMAC because of Bonnie!!"

Sophie Jaber - Sterling Mortgage
Alameda, CA
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"already booking more loans...great process! Thanks Anne and Bonnie and team!"

Peter Holmes - Sterling Mortgage
Alameda, CA
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"10 years of good business with JMAC. Thank you."

Ryan Clark Kleis - Reverse Mortgage Educators Inc.
Orange, CA
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"Thank you so much Team JMAC Lending! It’s always a pleasure to work with your team of professionals. In my experience with working with your team, everyone works together as a team to get the loan Closed in a timely and efficient manner.

Chonte' Jackson - The Mortgage Processing Co.
Hollywood, FL
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"WOW! This is certainly one for the record books! Thanks to ALL for the great job and THANK YOU TEAM JMAC for another smooth closing! This is why we keep coming back to you guys! You ROCK!!!!"

Barry Braverman, MBA - New Equities Mortgage Corp.
Capitola, CA
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"That is amazing.  THANK YOU so much for all your help and flexibility yesterday and today, Brenda!!  Varsen, May, and May, I'm so lucky to work with suck a rockstar team. Thank you for all your hard work on this file! Whew!!!"

Carrie Huie - Norcal Capital Group
Millbrae, CA

"This purchase has gone so smoothly and your turn times have been amazing!  I just submitted the final ptds and requested the CD.  We are way ahead of schedule. Thank you so much!"

Laura Bailey - UMAX Mortgage
Redwood City, CA
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"Thanks for your help closing my first loan with JMAC! The service I got from JMAC and the rate I got for the borrower is fantastic. Smooth process."

Daniel P. Heilbrun - Harcourts Esquire Real Estate
El Cajon, CA
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"In all the years I've been doing loans, JMAC is by far the best lender I've had the pleasure to work with.  When you need it done, you can count on JMAC! You're an incredible team!"

Gregg Steinmetz - Platinum Financial Services
Orange, CA
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"It's just so rare to actually have internal staff that respond timely to email, pick up a telephone...and actually seem to care!"

Becky Smith - Becky Smith Home Loans
Valley Center, CA
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"This is the BEST way to close a loan, to close ANY DEAL - that all involved are being recognized by someone who cares. So I must say I am UTTERLY impressed. Personally, I think all our business partners should be like this - I just want to say the loan business needs more people like you. Thank you!!"

Scott Roberts - AZ Lending Experts
Tempe, AZ
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"JMAC Lending hooked me up on a tough file. The team made me feel like I was in Good Will Hunting and had it dialed in on a really complicated file. They switched to LP for me to save the deal really. Pretty awesome. Have an easy purchase approval too on conforming with them, and rates are pretty sick. I'm digging JMAC!"

Michael Gray - Colorado Lending Group
Boulder, CO