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Q: I have more than one DBA. Should I list all of them here? (pg. 2)

A: Please only list your primary DBA in this section. There is an opportunity to input additional DBAs used for specific states elsewhere in the form. Your primary DBA is the name you will use in our system.

Q: What is the difference between Wholesale Units and Correspondent Units? (pg. 3)

A: Wholesale units are the total number of "Third Party Originated" loans (loans brokered to a lender and funded under the lender's NMLS# with the lender's funds). Correspondent units are the total number of loans which you funded as the credit under your NMLS# with funds from your warehouse line.

Q: What is a Company TIN? (pg. 3)

A: Your Company TIN, also called an EIN, is your Taxpayer Identification Number issued by the Internal Revenue Service. If you are the sole proprietor you may not have a TIN and may use your Broker of Record's Social Security Number.

Q: What is my Company Structure? (pg. 3)

A: Your Company Structure refers to the Tax Designation you use on your corporate W-9. If you are an LLC, you need to select if you are elected to be taxed as an S corporation, C corporation, or as a partnership (P). If you are unfamiliar with your tax status, please contact your CPA or tax attorney.

Q: What is a State-specific DBA? (pg. 3)

A: Some states require forced trade names and some brokers prefer to use a separate DBA in separate states. Please list all DBAs you use in that state if they are different than your company name or your primary DBA.

Q: What is a Top Preferred Lender? (pg. 4)

A: A Top Preferred Lender is the lender who you send the majority of your production to or who provides you with the highest quality service.

Q: Will credit be run if SSN and Home Address are provided? (pg. 4)

A: No, we need this information for all background checks, but we do not run a separate credit report. Any credit report information in the background check is a "soft pull". We will not accept a Broker without this information.

Q: Will I be able to change my Lender Comepnsation Designation in the future? (pg. 4)

A: Yes, we allow our Brokers to periodically change their broker compensation. You can complete a Broker Compensation Change Form after you have been approved.

Q: What if I don't have any Lender References? (pg. 5)

A: Please provide a Letter of Explanation as to why you have no Lender References. If you are a new brokerage, please provide an explanation of your mortgage broker experience.

Q: What Year to Date (YTD) financials are acceptable? (pg. 8)

A: If you are applying from January through April, we will accept the end of the fiscal year financial statements from the previous year. If you are applying from May through December, we need YTD financials or the financials from the last quarter.

Q: What should be covered in the Quality Control (QC) Plan? (pg. 8)

A: We are looking for the percentage of loans reviewed for QC, both pre-funding and post-closing. We also want to know who is responsible for conducting your QC, how exceptions are noted, your current TRID compliance, and the procedure you use to QC your loans.


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