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Facilitating Success for 20 Years

Back in 1997, things seemed simpler. Most phones were still connected to walls, the internet was new and dial-up, Tiger won his first Masters and “Titanic” was the must-see movie blockbuster.

Perhaps most importantly, JMAC’s founder and President, Christina Pham, was asked if she wanted to run a branch of ComUnity Lending, a Northern California mortgage company. Christina agreed, under one condition – that she choose the name of the new branch.  She created the name JMAC, using the first letter from each of her children’s names – Jason, Melinda, Anthony and Christopher. With that decision, JMAC lending was born.

Now celebrating its 20th anniversary, JMAC Lending has grown to become one of the industry’s leading wholesale and correspondent lenders. We’ve been helping our partners build business for 20 years. And we’re just getting started. Offering ease of onboarding, direct access to lending experts and the industry’s most innovative products and technology, we provide our partners with the Perfect Lending Platform for wholesale and correspondent business.

Thank you for being part of our JMAC Lending family. We look forward to doing business together for the next 20 years.