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Nothing warms our hearts more than the love we get from our customers. We constantly strive to improve our service to our clients, and here is some feedback we've received.


"As always, you know all I have is nothing but good things to say about you guys. I TRULY APPRECIATE ALL OF YOU HELP, with every single transaction. From disclosing team to funding team without any of you guys I would not be able to do my job, to service our borrowers the way we do. This to me means a lot, to have a TOP NOTCH team that can help me service and provide our borrowers with a mortgage that best fits their needs."

Berenice Lopez


"Thanks for your help closing my first loan with JMAC! The service I got from JMAC and the rate I got for the borrower is fantastic. Smooth process."
Daniel P. Heilbrun, Broker
"In all the years I've been doing loans, JMAC is by far the best lender I've had the pleasure to work with.
When you need it done, you can count on JMAC! You're an incredible team!"
Gregg Steinmetz, Broker
"That is amazing.  THANK YOU so much for all your help and flexibility yesterday and today, Brenda!!
Varsen, May, and May, I'm so lucky to work with suck a rockstar team. Thank you for all your hard work on this file! Whew!!!"
Carrie Huie, Mortgage Advisor
"It’s just so rare to actually have internal staff that respond timely to email, pick up a telephone…and actually seem to care!"
Becky Smith, Professional Mortgage Associates
"This is the BEST way to close a loan, to close ANY DEAL - that all involved are being recognized by someone who cares. So I must say I am UTTERLY impressed ... Personally, I think all our business partners should be like this - I just want to say the loan business needs more people like you. Thank you!!"
Rose Gomes, California Mortgage Company, Inc.


"Your company has been great to work with ... Everyone has been extremely helpful and cannot thank you enough ... I am excited about closing our next big loan with you that we just submitted last week—more to come."

Scott Roberts, AZ Lending Experts


"JMAC Lending hooked me up on a tough file. The team made me feel like I was in Good Will Hunting and had it dialed in on a really complicated file. They switched to LP for me to save the deal really. Pretty awesome. Have an easy purchase approval too on conforming with them, and rates are pretty sick. I'm digging JMAC!"

Michael Gray, Colorado Lending Group


"Just wanted to thank you and your team for your great work on our recent submission. I know it was a bit of a mess we threw at you and then put pressure on you to get it done as quickly as possible.
I know we, and more importantly the borrowers, are greatly relieved and appreciate all the effort you guys put into this file. There is no question JMAC helped the borrowers obtain their new home!"
David Raab, At Home Mortgage
"You Rock! JMAC Lending's doc department is the absolute fastest there is--making me look good right now. Thank you!" 
Thomas Gallagher, Benton Mortgage
"I can't thank this team enough for bringing this home on a jumbo purchase. It's always a little risky to trust someone new with no loan contingency and $25,000 in earnest money. I could tell this was on everyone's radar, and that is so important in our world. Thanks to the team for being so accessible during this process. We look forward to closing more business in 2016!"
Graham Hubner, Boulder Lending Group
"I want you to know how much I appreciate your staff. We are in docs today on a challenging deal that was not just your normal, conforming vanilla loan. I appreciate how the entire team treats the customer and myself like this file is the most important is so nice to take care of the borrowers, and I again thank JMAC and your staff for all the hard work that you do to complete the process."
Steve Brumbaugh, Brumbaugh Financial
"You did it again! JMAC Lending is the true example of team work and professionalism. From underwriting to funding, your strong team effort got this deal closed. I am grateful to you all!"
Matthew Jaime, American Loan Corporation