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conforming Loan Products

fannie mae conforming/high balance (FNMA)


•  Up to 97% financing
•  100% of down payment and closing costs may be gifted
•  No credit score required subject to AUS on standard conforming loan limits
•  Up to 10 financed properties
•  Appraisal transferred allowed on standard conforming loan limits


dU Refi Plus (FNMA)


•  Up to 105/150% LTV/CLTV
•  Minimum FICO 620
•  No mortgage insurance
•  PIW is acceptable subject to AUS



freddie mac high conforming/high balance (FHLMC)


•  Up to 95% financing
•  Minimum FICO 620
•  Up to 6 financed properties



open access lp (FHLMC)

•  Up to 105/150% LTV/CLTV
•  Minimum FICO 620
•  No mortgage insurance
•  PIW is acceptable subject to AUS



home ready

Home Ready is an affordable low-down-payment mortgage product designed for creditworthy low- to moderate-income borrowers.

•  Low down payment – up to 97% LTV financing for home purchases
•  No first-time buyer requirement
•  Flexible sources of funds with no minimum contribution from the borrower’s          own funds (one-unit properties)
•  No income limit; low-income census tracts
•  Competitive pricing meets or beats Fannie Mae’s standard loan pricing
•  Rental and boarder income may be considered for qualifying
•  Expanded DTI ratio when using addl. household income from non-borrowers
•  Cancellable private mortgage insurance

Home Possible

manhatten square web.jpg

•  Home Possible - 95% LTV, TLTV
•  Home Possible Advantage - 97% LTV (105% TLTV available with
   Affordable Secondary Funding)
•  Flexible down-payment sources
•  Up to 30-year fixed
•  No reserve required
•  Income flexibility
•  Reduced M.I. coverage
•  Lower monthly payments means less income needed to qualify


Perfect for the Millennial Buyer – 97% LTV with no MI

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•  Aggressive pricing
•  Minimum borrower contributions from 1% to 3%
•  LTVs to 97% with no M.I. for conforming loan limits
•  LTVs to 95% with no M.I. for High Balance loan limits
•  700 minimum FICO
•  Manual underwriting
•  43% DTI
•  Loans up to $424,100 and as much as $636,150 available in some higher-cost     areas
•  1-2 units, condos, and PUDs are eligible