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Heather Yee

VP, Operations

Heather has been the AVP of Operations at JMAC Lending since 2015. Her responsibility is to oversee and ensure that the submissions, disclosures, docs, funding and shipping departments are operating in a productive and efficient manner, all while maintaining the high level of customer service JMAC Lending strives to offer. Prior to her current position, she worked in nearly all operational departments at JMAC and was Funding Manager between 2007 and 2015. 

Heather currently resides in Tustin, CA with her husband, Jason, her sister Crystal, and their two dogs Emmy and Ramsey. In her free time, Heather loves spending time with her family, traveling, and meeting new people. She makes it a priority to travel to a new destination every year in order to try new things and meet people from different cultures and walks of life.