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Mai Nguyen

Founder & EVP of Operations

Mai Nguyen is the Executive Vice President and one of the founding members of JMAC Lending, Inc. When JMAC Lending was formed in 1997, Mai helped her sister, Christina Pham develop the company into one of 30 largest wholesale lenders in the industry today. Together, they implemented the best technology, developed an efficient and effective operations staff, and gathered experienced and knowledgeable underwriters. Previously, she was an assistant branch manager with Wells Fargo who notably turned an underperforming branch into the top branch in sales for the region.

In her current role as director of operations, Mai helps plan and implement the most efficient systematic way to operate each department, while maintaining outstanding customer service and support. She remains involved in the day to day underwriting that allows her to remain up to date with industry standards. Mai holds a Bachelors of Arts in Business Administration from Cal State Fullerton University.  When she finds the time, Mai loves to travel with her boyfriend Kelly and her two children, Jack and Erin, along with her four dogs: Jill, Sarge, Jack, and Beau.